The family you can trust to move your own.

A cockerspaniel sat on a sofa in a modern living room

Moving with confidence for 100 years.

A Greens Family History.

Buying a new house isn’t a quick and easy process. It’s filled with paperwork, roller-coasting emotions and people’s hard-earned money. We get it.

At Greens, we think the final piece of the puzzle should be different. Moving house should be simple, stress-free and, more than anything, exciting.

Thomas Green

Thomas lived & worked in the Hayes area his main business was carpet beating along with haulage & removals. He died in 1942.

A photo of Thomas Green.
A Photo of Reginauld Green.

Reginauld Green

Lived & worked in the same area and concentrated on the removal industry. During the war he would collect belongings from bombed properties and store them for the displaced owners. He bought one of the first removal vehicles to be fitted with a fibre glass roof.

Terence Green

His brother Bruce took over the Hayes area & he moved to Langley. This is his him with his beloved Bedford TK and they are both still working on the removals at the young age of 76 (he can still out do men half his age).

A Photo of Terence Green.
A Photo of Stephen and Robert Green.

Stephen Green

Between Terrance & Stephen Green (his son) they have brought in all the best of the new technologies i.e plastic crates, sofa, chair, bed & piano covers & heavy lifting straps while doing away with fancy brochure’s, advertising and meaningless association. He is pictured here on the right with Robert.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Green
Stephen Green

The business was passed down to Stephen from his father after working for him since he was a teenager. He knows removals inside out and is the face of the company.

Caroline Green
Caroline Green
business manager

Caroline is in charge of all things business and helps develop strategies to keep the business moving forward.

Alina Green
Alina Green
social media director

Having completed her degree, Alina travels the globe and is able to add stylish and interesting content to our social media.

Lloyd Green
Lloyd Green
social media & it manager

Lloyd is due to complete his Game Design and software degree, he is able to apply his skills to the ever changing market

Arron Green
Arron Green
supplies and stock (part-time)

Arron is about to embark on his uni degree, he is responsible for all our stock and supplies.